Since 1986, the name Steve Anthony has been recognized in media markets around the world for his accomplishments and high standards. In Canada, Steve Anthony is one of the founding VJ’s of MuchMusic, which, along with MTV, pioneered music-video television in North America. During his tenure at MuchMusic, an unprecedented 9-and-a-half years, Anthony also became the morning show host at 102.1 CFNY in Toronto, followed by several other radio stops, including CHOM 97.7 in Montreal.

Throughout his on and off camera career, Steve Anthony became one of the country’s most sought after voice over talents. His dynamic and unique range allows him to complement most any commercial and promotional campaign. On the commercial side, whether it be sophisticated high-ticket items, straight retail, or the some of that wonderful, creative quirkiness many of today’s ad agencies and clients demand, Steve Anthony’s voice sets brands apart and brings them to a new level.

Yes, your station’s image needs to cut through; Steve Anthony’s voice will drive it home. Is your format Rock? Lite? Country? News? Sports? Character-driven? Listen to the demos and you’ll find a fit.
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